How Online Study Works

The Learning Management System (LMS) is provided by the Oregon Institute of International Education (OIIE), 作为凯时国际app登录’s technical supporter. Our LMS is a cutting edge system designed to ensure you can complete your studies quickly and effeiciently.

Our streamlined admission processes with our fully integrated online admissions software is customised to provide an effortless experience for enrolling students. Inovoices and statements will be delivered electronically and to further simplify your education journey we offer a variety of online payment options

作为凯时国际app登录's classes are designed to let students dictate the pace of lectures in class. At 作为凯时国际app登录, we integrate technology into the classroom to evolved from old-fashioned teacher-centric education systems into a modern student-centric one. 作为凯时国际app登录 provides a social platform to enhance and encourage teacher to student and student to student interaction. Students can easily form study groups to engage in active conversations, debates or group problem-solving sessions. Assesments will be given online via quizzes/tests with varying question types like Multiple Choice, Open Ended or fill in the blanks and each course will have a final paper/project designed to demonstrate the skills gained in that class.

In case of any questions or problems, please contact our support team at [email protected].

Please always mention your Student ID Number in the email subject line. Various communication channels are available to respond to your email to best resolve your problem, such as Skype, Facebook Messenger, LINE, or other video conferencing solutions if face-to-face contact is deemed helpful. The first contact pointing to your problem, however, needs to be by email so that our support team can keep track of your request. 点击这里.